“Why must we drive,” one may probably ask? Well, slow travel we feel, delivers experience like no other. Driving for us is above and beyond the basic task of holding the wheel, changing the gears and avoiding the erratic cyclist. As we cruise along the asphalt, it is the equivalent to meditation, finding as we do, a sense of calm.

At Maverick Adventures, our desire is to lead four wheel drive expeditions for people who echo our philosophy and share a love for the open road. Zabir and Rewat are driven by passion and their combined experiences coupled with their soft demeanor will make for an unparelled experience. Currently our tours operate in the Himalayan Regions of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet (PRC).

Zabir Rahman
Zabir has been a passionate car enthusiast. He turned his childhood dream into reality when he co-founded Babajee Garage in July 2014 after graduating in Automotive Manufacturing and Automotive Business from the Canadian Automotive Institute, ON, Canada. He grew up in the eastern Himalayas where he attended boarding school at St. Paul’s, Darjeeling.
Smitten as he is by all things automotive, he also developed a fondness for driving. His current base of Siliguri, West Bengal is perfect for his love for the outdoors. There are scenic locales aplenty and the neighbouring hills abound with little explored areas. His current vehicle of choice is the Isuzu V-Cross which serves as his daily driver too.
Zabir is also a professional writer, working closely with a Singapore based research and communications firm. As a co-founder of Maverick Adventures, his goal is to undertake road trips to less explored regions and he typically stays away from commercial circuits. Nope, he hasn’t visited Ladakh!
Rewat Bir Tuladhar
Rewat is an adventurer and a traveler. Growing up he trekked in the hills of Darjeeling. As the bug for adventure and extreme adventure grew he started with MMA and Parkour . Later moved on to motorcycling, skydiving, skiing and surfing, rock climbing, canyoning, mountain biking and the likes. He organizes events like Enfield Rendezvous & Poker Run, Nepal Ice Climbing Festival and has also led tours in India, Nepal and Tibet.